Advanced Technology

                                                                HUMAN TECHNOLOGIES

                                                                Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

                                                                The elevator industry first application of permanent magnet synchronous gearless international advanced technology, greatly reduce the noise when running, quiet operation, people-oriented, green environmental protection consciousness.

                                                                VVVF inverter door system

                                                                Using advanced VVVF variable frequency variable speed control system,
                                                                With constant torque characteristics,
                                                                The utility model realizes the slow, steady and safe opening and closing of the elevator.

                                                                Intelligent control system

                                                                Excellent computer control layout;
                                                                32 bit high performance industrial grade ARM controller;
                                                                Accurate speed signal, with superior comfort;
                                                                Strong anti electromagnetic interference ability. Strong antistatic ability.

                                                                GREEN TECHNOLOGY

                                                                Energy feedback device

                                                                When the electric energy of the elevator can be collected and stored on the load, and then the power can be collected and stored, and then fed back to the elevator (electric mode), the overall energy saving effect of the elevator can reach more than 60%.

                                                                Elevator group control system

                                                                Shorten the waiting time of passengers, reduce the number of start and running of elevator, improve the efficiency of elevator group control system, and achieve the energy saving effect of more than 30%.

                                                                Elevator energy saving


                                                                Energy efficiency exceeded


                                                                SAFETY PROTECTION

                                                                Overspeed (out of control) protection device

                                                                The utility model relates to a safety protective device which is arranged on a traction drive elevator and is used for making the car to stop or slow down when the elevator is speeding up to a certain extent.

                                                                3D light sensor

                                                                Installed in the cabin of the 3D screen to the waiting hall infrared beam irradiation. When the door to close when the goalkeeper has been turned on.

                                                                Technological innovation, relentless pursuit of quality


                                                                No fault test


                                                                Accidental landing buffer


                                                                Automatic rebound resistance


                                                                Maximum lifting height

                                                                Product System

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                                                                Service leading elevator manufacturers and brand operators

                                                                As early as in 1987, SANEI?with its unique vision and proud of the amazing technology in the world, to create a new pattern of the domestic elevator industry. We are one of the earliest enterprises that have obtained the national elevator manufacturing and installation license, and also have been the private enterprise that has obtained the production license.
                                                                Today, SANEI is still constantly breakthrough, remarkable innovation, uphold the principle of “science and technology change service” of the modern service concept, always put the appropriate service quality throughout the product marketing, installation and maintenance of the whole process, the use of networking, networking and other means of modern technology, through the implementation of “new” core intelligent “service” to make customers feel at ease to use SANEI elevator. At the same time for customers to create a safe, green, comfortable, intelligent, high-speed and accurate mobile space, so that the elevator comfort experience reached an unprecedented level.


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